Award: Up to £2,000

Closing date: 1 December 2023                                                


This award is open to members and non-members of the British Society of Sports History (BSSH). BSSH Trustees may not apply for this award. We particularly encourage applications from underrepresented individuals and communities in the field of Sports History within the UK.

Parameters of the Award:

The award aims to help an individual or a community group undertake original primary research into the history of sporting activities within the UK. The award of up to £2,000 seeks to support research specifically within and about currently underrepresented communities within the field of sports history research.

The award may be used for oral history research and/or other similar research activities which seek to engage with and capture the sporting histories of these communities. Examples of how we envisage that this funding might be used include: travel to archives/research sites, costs of accessing archives/sources, interview transcription, and venue hire for interviews. The funding is not intended for: trips to academic conferences, food and drink, pre-existing research projects already supported with funding from elsewhere, or to cover salary costs/teaching buy-out.

Application Procedure:

The application should comprise no more than 2 sides of A4, and should provide the following details:

1. A statement of the projected importance of the project in capturing the sporting history of an underrepresented ethnic community in the UK

2. An outline of the proposed research methods

3. A draft chronology of the research project

4. A breakdown of the costs the project is likely to incur

5. Details of any other funding being applied for/or already received (either from employers or other external bodies)

Completed applications for funding should be sent as one file (either .doc/.docx or .pdf) to the BSSH Community Sports History Award Representative, Amanda Callan-Spenn ( Applications will then be scrutinised by an expert panel of judges.

Requirements for Successful Applicants:

The successful applicant(s) will be expected to present details of their project at the 2024 Annual BSSH Conference (format and style will be flexible and will be agreed in advance with the BSSH Executive). You will be expected to showcase your findings (to date) and both the researcher(s) and participant(s) involved in the research (as the research design allows). Limited additional funding will be available to support those presenting at the conference. In addition, successful bidders are required to produce a written report or video diary for the BSSH, which may be published online, detailing how the funds have been used, and may be asked to contribute to the judging panel for subsequent Community History Prizes.

The successful applicant(s) will be required to recognise the help provided by the BSSH in all materials later disseminated that were supported by the BSSH Community Sports History Award (including digital repositories, web content (such as podcasts), journal articles, public presentations etc.), as stipulated by the Board of Trustees of the BSSH.


The successful applicant(s) will need to agree a schedule for payment of funds with the BSSH once the award has been formally announced. You will need to supply full receipts for all claims. 

Please address any questions in the first instance to Amanda Callan-Spenn (BSSH Community Sports History Award Representative) at