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MMU Sport and Leisure History Symposium, February 2015

The Symposium is run in conjunction with the British Society of Sports History North West To be held at the Cheshire campus of Manchester Metropolitan University on the 27th & 28th February 2015. The event will bring...

BSSH South of England Sport and Leisure History Network London Branch: Sport and Leisure History Seminars Autumn 2014

  6 Oct:        Dr Michael John Law (University of Westminster) ‘Bang! A Streak of Flame Came from the Shadows’: The Process of Americanisation in Interwar Popular English...

BSSH South of England Sport and Leisure History Network South East Branch: Spring 2015 Workshop

Leisure and Organised Labour In association with Anglia Ruskin’s Labour History Research Unit Venue: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus Date: Saturday, 14th March 2015  Call for Papers Worker...